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Breastfeeding Consultant in New York State & Offering Virtual Visits all across the United States



Sharen Medrano, IBCLC

Sharen has served an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant for over twelve years and enjoys helping moms reach their breastfeeding goals. 


Having benefited from experienced help and support during her own breastfeeding challenges, Sharen realized the value of meeting with a Lactation Consultant and now enjoys providing the same game-changing help.  In addition to her work in private practice, Sharen has led breastfeeding trainings for health care professionals, talks at Big City Moms events and has provided written and video content for  





In-Home Prenatal Classes - In New York State

A prenatal class lasts up to 2 hours and includes tips to get off to a good start along with managing pumping if returning to work or school.

Virtual Appointments - U.S.
Home Visits available in NYS

A home visit lasts up to 2 hours and includes a full assessment of you and your baby, a pre  and post feeding weight, if needed, a baby wearing demo and unlimited phone follow-up.


Parents Recommend


"Having not breastfed my first two babies, I was determined to do it the 3rd time around! I met Sharen through a Big City Mom's event and immediately booked her for a prenatal class at my home. The information she shared was invaluable and helped me pinpoint what went wrong during my first two experiences.  This time I got off to a good start and my baby and I continue going strong at 7 months! Sharen is undoubtedly meant to do this work!  It comes through with how she explains things and through the continuous support she provides."


"If my baby could speak, she would have said, "thanks mom for inviting this woman into our home!" When Sharen walked into my apartment last year, my baby was screaming her head off and Sharen handled the situation with so much grace. She immediately showed me how I could calm her. Her gentle ability to help me calm my baby, instantly made me feel that we would have a good meeting. Sharen spoke to me as if I were her sister, and it made me feel so incredibly comfortable and supported. After our meeting, the pain I was experiencing subsided and she continued reaching out to check up on me, when I least expected it. She is such a special person and I'm so thankful for my friend who referred her!" 


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Sharen Medrano IBCLC in NYC
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